Welcome on our website!

The “Studentenwohnheim am Weißenberg” is a dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Aachen which offers 174 apartments with kitchenette and bathroom and one shared apartment with 3 rooms.

You can find information about the dorm, the inhabitants and activities here. If you like to move in, you can find all necessary forms and requirements. Please visit “Occupancy” or just click here: Occupancy.

You already live in our dorm and you want to know how to repair things in your room, you need help by someone in the house and you like to know how to get in contact with him or her, or you just like to know whats new? All that and much more is covered by our intranet. If you are in the network of our dom, you can get there by this link: Intranet. We hope that this website is helpfull to you . If you feel like there is something wrong or missing, send us an email via our Contact Form.