Becoming member in our association

Before connecting to the internet or using a washing machine let’s take a look at what has to be done first:

  • In order to use the internet or any other stuff e.g. washing machines, our gym or the community room you need to become a full member in our student association SaW, short for “Studenten am Weißenberg e.V.”
  • First of all please fill in the form, sign it and throw it back in the mailbox in house 18 on the right bottom corner.
  • To become a full member you need to pay the first 6-months fee – 20€, cash only – by one of our current treasurers: Edith Baader Apt. 001 and Stefanie Mergenthaler Apt. 218
  • Optionally you can also fill in the SEPA-form for direct debit, if you wish to get charged via direct debit in the future. Please notice, that this option would only make sense, if you are staying for more than six months.
  • After paying the first fee you will become a full member and will be able to access the internet, use the washing machines etc. It should take a couple of hours, so don’t worry, if you won’t get immediate access to everything after paying the fee.

Connecting to the internet

After becoming a full member in our association, you will need an Ethernet cable to get your notebook or PC connected with our network in your room. Please visit our intranet site first. There you will find nearly everything what you need to get started in our dorm successfully.

Further information needed?

Please take a look in the intranet for further information regarding the rest of our services e.g. house printer, lending tools like drilling machine and more.

  • If you ever confront any problems in our dorm please get in touch with the current association reference person: Christian Lanius Apt. 131 and Laura Pinckvos Apt. 206
  • If you ever confront any problems in your room please get in touch with our janitor: Dirk Hommelsheim (mobile phone: +49 160 97266441)
  • Network problems? Contact our network team directly via nag@saw.rwth-aachen.de
  • Further contact options can be found on the intranet.

How can I apply for an apartment or room? (new application portal)

Applications for a room in the residence halls of Studierendenwerk Aachen can only be made online via the application portal of Studierendenwerk Aachen. All questions regarding the new application portal will only be answered by Studierendenwerk Aachen! Here you can apply for a room in the residence halls of Studierendenwerk Aachen!

How do I apply as an exchange student?

We are not responsible for our exchange-rooms. Only „Studierendenwerk“ manages these rooms!

How do I get the WiFi connected to my device?

After successfully connecting to the internet you will probably ask yourself “how do I get the WiFi connected to my device?”. Before accessing our WiFi network you need to go through some simple steps. Please follow those instructions:

  • After successfully connecting your device with our network via cable in your room, follow this link in your web browser Selfservice.
  • Enter your room number e.g. 152.
  • You will get an email (as far, as we got your email in our database) with your access data to the Selfservice. Please notice, if you should not get any email, please write us a short message at nag@saw.rwth-aachen.de and we will add your email and send you your data for the Selfservice.
  • After accessing the Selfservice you will notice some valuable data concerning your membership like “user name”, “WiFi password” or “paid until”. Those should be the most important information for you. Your user name is universal and will lead you through logging into the washing interface or getting connected with our WiFi. Please generate a new WiFi password after your first login in selfservice. There is a special button for it.
  • With your user name and new generated WiFi password you will be able to connect to our wireless network.

How do I make friends and how do I relax in our dorm?

Every Monday (except the exams period) at 9 p.m. our dorms pub “Triangel” is open. You will find the Triangel in the cellars of house 16. It is the best opportunity to get in touch with some occupants and drink a couple of beers with them. For further information regarding our dorms pub please visit the following website Triangel.

How do I manage to get my network connection as soon as possible?

Usually, a network connection is set up ad hoc after you moved in. If you like to make sure everything is already set when you move in, please fill out a membership application form for our non-profit association “Studenten am Weißenberg e.V.” and and send it to the postal address you find in the head of the application form. Your connection should be working right when you move in. If there is trouble, you can contact the network team using this address: nag[at]saw.rwth-aachen.de.

How do I use the washing machines?

Our dorm provides you with a washing room (cellars, house 16) which contains three washing machines and three air dryers. Each time you need to reserve an event in order to do some laundry. Here you can see how the whole thing looks like eWash. Our system is only available in German at the moment. Here are some important terms translated into English.

  • First of all you need to charge your account in order to do some laundry. The responsible one of charging your washing accounts can be found here eWash-Seller. One event e.g. washing or drying charges your account – at the moment 0,50 €. So if you need to use one washing machine and after that get your laundry into the
    dryer you will need 1€ credit on your account
  • Always do a reservation! Plan one event for max. 1,5h. Please notice, that your reservation will be deleted, if you miss your reservation 15 minutes after the actual beginning e.g. your event starts at 4 p.m. but you went on a little bit late and your event would probably start on 4:16 p.m., your reservation will be deleted and anyone else can make a reservation instead.
  • You can find further instructions on the intranet or in the washing room.

I want to make an appointment with the caretaker for the handover of keys, how do I contact him?

Usually our caretaker is here from Monday to Thursday from approx. 8 am to 3 pm and on friday from 8 am to 12 pm . If you can’t come over, you can send him an e-mail (michael.brich@stw.rwth-aachen.de) or call him: +49 241 89029536 or +49 160 97266441 (mobile phone).

Is there a consultation hour by Occupancy Team?

Our consultation hour takes place only by appointment (via E-Mail) in our community room! Please enter the main entry and turn right (dormitors office). The community room is at the end of the corridor on the left side.

Our office hours don’t take place during term breaks!