Network Team

The network team takes care of the smooth operation of the dorm’s internal network. Every room of the 174 rooms in total is connected to the dorm’s internal network by a RJ45 network connector and a Cat 5e network cable with a bandwidth of 1 Gigabit/s. In addition our dorm has access to the “Deutsches Forschungsnetz” (DFN) via a 1 Gigabit/s fibre optic cable, provided by the RWTH’s computing centre. Furthermore we have 4 wireless access points to the eduroam network and we have additionally our own wireless network (SAW).

Information for future residents

You’re going to move into our dorm and you are asking yourself how to get your network connection as soon as possible? Then keep on reading!

If you want to use our dorm’s network, you have to become a full member of our association “Studenten am Weißenberg e.V.” This association cares about everything that is related to our dorm, but that is not in the responsibility of Studierendenwerk Aachen. Said this, we care about our network system, the laundry room with the washing machines and dryers, our lendable tools and much more. You will find the membership application and further information, if you go to “Association” . If you become a member of our association, your personal data will be transmitted to our dorm’s internal database and you are allowed to use the network automatically.

By using our dorm’s network you accept our dorm’s network rules (in German) the terms and conditions regarding use of RWTH Aachen University network. The network team will give you a copy of them and you can always find them by clicking on the link above. Prior to the beginning of each semester you will receive a reminder e-mail to pay your membership fee. If you like, you can also pay your membership fee via SEPA direct debit.