For the association of our dorm (not only financially), we founded the registered non-profit organization called Studenten am Weißenberg e.V. in 2012, represented by the board. This association is in charge of everything that is related to our dorm, but that is not the responsibility of Studierendenwerk Aachen. This includes our network system, the laundry room with the washing machines and dryers, our lendable tools and much more.

If you would like to use our organization’s facilities, you need to become a member. There is a leaflet (in German) about membership rules, rights, and member obligations, which you can download here. To make a long story short: if you would like to use all our dorm’s facilities, you need to become a so-called ordentliches Mitglied. The membership fee for that is 20€ per semester.

If you like to become a member, you have to fill out (either digitally or by hand) a membership application and simply drop it in the mailbox of the association. You can find the mailbox in house no. 18, on the lower right side of the bank of mailboxes.

Writable PDF-Form for “einfache/ordentliche Mitglieder” (simple or full members)

If you have problems with the form above, try the non-writable form.

If you are already a member of Studenten am Weißenberg e.V. and you would like to pay the membership fees via SEPA direct debit, please fill out the direct debit authorisation you can find as a single document here.

Please sign the application by hand in both cases, even if you chose the writable one and filled it out before printing. It’s necessary to make the application legally valid. If you have any questions, please write an email to the spokespersons of the dorm via our Contact Form or use the chat, there might be other people with the same questions.

Articles of Association

You can download the articles of association here: Satzung von der Mitgliederversammlung am 12.10.2022

More Information

If you missed the first meeting and you have no clue why a registered association was necessary for our dorm, or if you don’t know what this will or won’t change, you may want to read the leaflet we gave out before the foundation of Studenten am Weißenberg e.V.: Short Information Leaflet (German)